Outstanding Books On Roulette!

Outstanding Books On Roulette!

Roulette is a game of chance or a game of luck and fortune. No one can figure out where does the roulette ball rests after dropping it in the roulette wheel. Placing bets is also by taking a wild guess. No matter what the game is and how the game is played, it is essential to be aware of the game flow, its variants, strategies, tricks, techniques, and every possible thing about it. Knowing about all these can help one play the game confidently, place the bets effortlessly, and win in the end!

To answer some of these questions, we have lined up some of the best books on roulette ever written by the best authors, where most of them were casino players themselves. Take a look at them!


Secrets of winning roulette by Marten Jensen

Penned by Marten Jensen, popularly addressed as ‘Doctor of gambling,’ Secrets of winning roulette is a masterpiece of 200 pages where the author talks about beating the game. However, he does not talk about cheating tricks or stuff but mentions some fantastic ways to win in the game. If a casino player is eager to learn about roulette, the reason behind playing the game, and betting techniques, this is the best book for them. In addition to all these topics, the author also discusses how cheating has evolved in the roulette industry, how techniques were used, and so on!

Gamble to win roulette by R.D.Ellison

R.D. Ellison, the author of “Gamble to win roulette”, mainly focuses on discussions related to tips and strategies of roulette betting in a simplified way. He clearly explains how roulette strategy is indispensable, allowing a player to win and discuss strategies. If the reader is a person who gets confused with French roulette and English, then this book is the right choice for them!

Get the edge at roulette by Christopher Pawlicki.


Get the edge at roulette, written by Christopher Pawlicki, is the right choice for players who gamble at live casinos and place bets at online casinos. The author clearly explains ways to manage bankroll effectively and how not to go bankrupt in the roulette game with effective roulette strategies. In addition to this, he has described why the progressive betting system is not that effective. However, after reading the book, one will check a biased wheel and predict a sip on a biased table!

John Patrick’s “A pro’s guide to managing your money and beating the wheel.”

 This guide is the best if one wants to use their bankroll judiciously. John Patrick, the author of the book, is a professional gambler who has focused on managing cash while placing bets!